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Marvel Snap’s getting a PVP battle mode before the end of 2022

Bringing the multiverse to multiplayer

Comic book card battler Marvel Snap is adding a two-player battle mode by the close of the year. Developers Second Dinner told the Washington Post that an update to the free to play PC and mobile game that pits superpowered heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe against each other would be landing before 2023 begins. That’s cool and all, but if you’ve got thirty seconds then do yourself a favour and watch the virtually superhero-free Japanese trailer for Marvel Snap below, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoIf you have 3 minutes, SNAP! | MARVEL SNAP Japanese Live Action Trailer
Marvel Snap's Japanese trailer has a very catchy tune.

I’ll be singing that in my head all day. Marvel Snap’s battle mode was part of the development roadmap that Second Dinner shared when the game launched last month. Instead of the quick battling of ranked mode, battle mode will involve multiple matches against friends until one player’s health pool goes kaput. Marvel Snap’s snapping system, which lets players bet they’ll win so they can score more ranking points from matches, is slightly different in battle mode – you’ll bet health instead of rank. You can read the full roadmap here.

If you’re not keen on the sound of battle or ranked modes then there’s always unranked, also still in development for now. That’ll let you muck about with decks and strategies against other Marvel Snap players before jumping into modes where winning and losing matters. Superheroes and comics used to be a very big deal for me, so I’ll be giving Marvel Snap a go at some point. Mostly for the presentation, to be honest, because there’s some decent card art to behold.

Marvel Snap is a free to play download on Steam for PC, but you can tap at it on your iOS or Android phone if you fancy too. I'm guessing Iron Man can probably play it on his armour.

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