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Warzone 2's Building 21 is locked down after a “significant infiltration”

Infinity Ward say it’ll be back within the week

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 devs Infinity Ward have locked down DMZ mode's recently opened Building 21 after a "significant infiltration", but say it’ll be operational again within the week. For now, the keycards needed to enter Building 21 are disabled. It seems like these keycards may have been the reason for the lockdown, although Infinity Ward have yet to explain just why Building 21 is shutting its doors temporarily. The lockdown was announced in a tweet, which only cryptically referred to the cause.

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“Building 21 has entered lockdown after significant infiltration,” Infinity Ward said. “Access cards are disabled, but will be operational within the week. Prepare accordingly.” Building 21 went live on December 19th in Warzone 2’s DMZ extraction mode as part of the Season 01 Reloaded midseason update, and is meant to be a limited-time area. The mysterious compound is a biological laboratory that you can only find your way into if you gather keycards from around the Al Mazrah map. You need to hustle for loot caches and supply drops to pick up some keycards.

Although Infinity Ward are keeping schtum and there’s currently no logged issues with DMZ on Warzone 2’s Trello board, players have taken to the game’s subreddit to discuss the lockdown just a day after Building 21 went live. “The building has been gated because of a bug that give[s] unlimited access,” one commenter explained. “It was bugged so they locked it. Cards weren't being used so you could load in infinitely,” another said in a separate thread.

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 is free to play from Steam and Battle.net. If there’s any more explanation from the devs about why Building 21 was shuttered, I’ll update you.

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