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Warzone 2 unveils next map Ashika Island, coming with Season 2

Resurgence returns, too

Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 drop into their second season on February 15th, and we now have our first look at Warzone 2’s newest map and modes. In a series of Twitter posts, Activision announced a new, free-to-play “small map” called Ashika Island. Warzone’s new map will feature a brand new mode DMZ, alongside the returning mode Resurgence - a slimmer BR that cuts the lobby size down from 150 to 50 players, and enables respawns. Ashika Island and the new modes will launch alongside Season 02 on February 15th.

Infinity Ward’s detailed announcement image highlights a number of locations that players can expect to fight over. Shipwreck, Port Ashika, Tsuki Castle, Beach Club, Town Center, Oganikku Farms, and Residential are all marked as points of interest. The Call Of Duty account has also shared images of most of the locations, teasing some of the micro-experiences we can expect to have. Each image is paired with a (mainly functional) haiku: "Not a vacation / Don't let cabanas decieve / Grab sand, take cover." But it's fun to see CoD channels follow the Japanese theming of the island.

Tsuki Castle is a fortified fortress and has a beautiful cherry blossom tree just outside its gates. I can imagine the scramble for loot will be quite hectic, both inside and on the rooftops. The Underground Waterway looks like a covert passage underneath the map, murky water cuts through the tunnel’s walkways. Beach Club looks like your typical holiday seaside resort, just with less-than-ideal weather this time. And finally, Town Centre is the last locale we’re given a glimpse of and it looks like a haven for snipers with a trigger finger.

Ashika Island, DMZ, and Resurgence aren’t the only new features hitting Season 02. Modern Warfare 2 will enjoy the return of Hardcore Mode, a game type designed for quicker, stricter matches. Meanwhile, Warzone 2 will receive new weapons and the return of the 1v1 Gulag fights, all of which drops on February 15th.

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