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Relax with these five hour-long soothing scenes in Minecraft

I'm all about the Rainy Swamp

I played hundreds of hours of Minecraft in the years after its original release, but hadn't returned again until recently. It turns out the standalone expansion I needed was a son. He's six years in development and today I introduced him to a private Minecraft multiplayer server for the first time. Exploring, building, and the vibes are all as wonderful as I remember.

Perfect timing: Mojang have just released a series of Minecraft "Soothing Scenes". There are five in total and each one is an hour-long video featuring a recreation of a Minecraft setting, from rainy swamp to cosy fireplace, to help you unwind.

Look, you don't need a lot of words from me to know whether you need this in your life or not. Personally, it's a welcome balm after wrangling with Microsoft accounts for half the day. I've embedded all five below so you can take your pick.

Cozy Fire

Relaxing Beach Escape

Relaxing Aquarium

Relaxing Falling Snow

Relaxing Rainy Swamp

I've also been finding RPS soothing today - for example, our guide to Minecraft's The Warden was extremely calming the first time the terrifying beast crawled out of the ground while I was in a cave.

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