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Best Warzone 2 Minibak loadout: The best Minibak class setup and attachments

Clear squads with ease using the best Minibak loadout in Warzone 2

Looking for the best Minibak loadout in Warzone 2? The Minibak might not be the fastest SMG in Warzone 2, but it's an excellent medium-range weapon with a huge 64 Round Mag that's well suited to Warzone 2. If you want to tweak the Minibak to make it even stronger while beaming squads in Al Mazrah, then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll break down the best Minibak loadout in Warzone 2. We'll cover the best attachments for the Minibak, along with the secondary weapon, perks, and equipment that you should use in your Minibak build.

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Best Minibak loadout build in Warzone 2

This Minibak build is all about power and precision, with increases to damage, range, accuracy, and recoil control. Mobility and handling do receive a slight hit, but it's worth it to achieve this mid-range Minibak build that's able to easily wipe squads and compete in the current meta.

Here are the best Minibak loadout attachments in Warzone 2:

  • Muzzle: SA Schalldämpfer 99 (Unlock at Lachmann Sub lvl 18)
  • Barrel: BAK-9 279mm Barrel (Unlock at Minibak lvl 5)
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser (Unlock at EBR-14 lvl 10)
  • Magazine: Minibak Grip Mag (Unlock at Minibak lvl 13)
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro (Unlock at Expedite 12 lvl 7)
Warzone 2 image with the SA Schalldampfer 99, BAK-9 279m Barrel, FSS OLE-V Laser, Minibak Grip Mag, and Cronen Mini Pro attached.

The SA Schalldämpfer 99 increases recoil control and smoothness, making it much easier to land shots from a distance with the Minibak. It also boosts bullet velocity, which makes your bullets whiz towards enemies faster and gives them less time to react, and adds sound suppression so that you can be a silent menace.

The BAK-9 279mm Barrel further boosts bullet velocity, while also lowering the damage drop off at range, so that the Minibak still feels powerful from afar. Both the Schalldämpfer and the BAK-9 Barrel lower the ADS and movement speed of the Minibak, but we can bring one of those back up with the following attachments.

Since we still want to push the Minibak's accuracy even further, we'd also recommend using the FSS OLE-V Laser. It increases your aiming stability, ADS speed, and sprint to fire speed, making the Minibak more accurate while also negating some of the issues with the Schalldämpfer and BAK-9 Barrel.

The Minibak Grip Mag further boosts aiming stability, while adding some extra recoil control to make it a little smoother under sustained fire. Crucially, the Grip Mag doesn't lower the ammo count, meaning you still have that huge stockpile of 64 rounds in a mag to burn.

Finally, we've opted for the Cronen Mini Pro as our optic, as it makes it a little easier to pick out enemies compared to the iron sights. However, feel free to swap this up for whichever sight you prefer. Just remember to choose something that works best at medium-range.

Best Minibak loadout secondary weapon

Since our Minibak build focuses on lasering enemies at medium-range, we'd recommend opting for a longer-range alternative as your secondary. The MCPR-300 currently ranks as the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2, making it well worth using to split skulls across the vast landscape of Al Mazrah.

However, Snipers can be rather unforgiving in Warzone 2 thanks to their slow fire rates, so you could also try the SP-R 208 or the Lockwood Mk2, which rank as some of the best Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2. These are lightweight sharpshooters that still deal incredible damage, and they will certainly feel more forgiving than the heavier MCPR.

Best Minibak class setup: Perks and Equipment

A squad looks out from the bay of their aircraft in Warzone 2.0.

If you're looking to pick up a loadout drop in Warzone 2, then you'll want to know which perks and equipment to use. We've opted for the Specter perk package with this Minibak loadout, which we'll break down below along with the equipment that we'd recommend for this build:

  • Perk Package: Specter
  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Lethal Equipment: C4
  • Tactical Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor

Double Time and Tracker are certainly some of the most useful Warzone 2 perks, as they make it much easier to bag kills at medium-range. Tracker highlights enemy footprints on the ground, giving you a clear trail to follow towards your opponents, while Double Time will help you catch them quickly. If you fail to sneak up on them successfully and find yourself in a chaotic firefight, Double Time will also help you quickly reposition and gain the advantage. Fortunately, Ghost lets you remain undetected when enemies pop UAVs nearby, which should hopefully help you sneak towards enemies without being spotted.

As you're approaching your enemies, Spotter will highlight any hostile equipment nearby, making it visible through walls so that you're always aware of the risks when entering a dangerous area. This will help you avoid any pesky claymores, or other explosives that might lurk nearby.

Avoiding enemy equipment is important to your survival, but so is using your own to get the upper hand. If you find yourself approaching a group of enemies, simply chuck a C4 charge into the crowd to score some easy kills. If you're unsure whether the situation calls for such an explosive attack, whip out your Heartbeat Sensor to quickly scan the surrounding area and count how many enemies are nearby.

That wraps up our guide on the best Minibak loadout in Warzone 2. If you're eager to see how it stacks up against the wider arsenal, take a look at our list of the best guns in Warzone 2. For more granular detail, including ADS speed, TTK, and DPS, check out our Warzone 2 weapon stats page.

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