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Best Warzone 2 Lockwood Mk2 loadout: The best Lockwood Mk2 class setup and attachments

Split skulls esaily using the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Warzone 2

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the Lockwood Mk2.
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Looking for the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Warzone 2? With high damage at range and remarkable accuracy, the Lockwood Mk2 is one of the best Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2. It's a formidable weapon that can split skulls from a distance, but also quite forgiving in the hands of new players thanks to its fast rechambering speed.

In this guide, we'll break down the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Warzone 2. We'll cover the best attachments, along with the secondary weapon, perks, and equipment that you should use in your Lockwood Mk2 build.

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Best Lockwood Mk2 loadout build in Warzone 2

With this Lockwood Mk2 loadout, we've boosted the damage at longer distances, while also increasing its accuracy and recoil control so that you can easily slot bullets into enemies at long-range. Bullet velocity also sees a significant improvement, giving enemies less time to react as your bullets travel at incredible speed.

Here are the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout attachments in Warzone 2:

  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper (Unlock at Lachmann-762 lvl 6)
  • Barrel: 21" Coyote Barrel (Unlock at Lockwood Mk2 lvl 12)
  • Ammunition: .45 GVT High Velocity (Unlock at Lockwood Mk2 lvl 10)
  • Lever: Longhorn Lever (Unlock at Lockwood Mk2 lvl 22)
  • Optic: SZ Holotherm (Unlock at PDSW 528 lvl 12)
Warzone 2 image showing the Lockwood Mk2 with the FTAC Reaper, 21" Coyote Barrel, .45 GVT High Velocity, Longhorn Lever, and SZ Holotherm attached.

As you might expect, bullet velocity and damage range are key in Warzone 2. With that in mind, we think the FTAC Reaper and 21" Coyote Barrel are the best attachments on offer for this Lockwood Mk2 build. They both push bullet velocity and recoil control, while the Reaper muzzle also raises your damage range and adds sound suppression. That's a long list of benefits, with the only drawbacks being slower ADS and movement speed. To push bullet velocity even further, use the .45 GVT High Velocity ammunition.

Rechambering speed is important if you want to quickly follow up with a second shot after breaking an enemy's armor, so use the Longthorn Lever to give it a boost. This does slightly impact your accuracy, but those striking from longer distances shouldn't feel the effects too much, as your enemies will be too busy trying to locate your position. If you're concerned about spotting enemies from far away, the SZ Holotherm scope should make things much easier, as it highlights your enemies to make them clearly visible.

Best Lockwood Mk2 loadout secondary weapon

The Lockwood Mk2 is all about taking shots at range, so you'll need a close-quarters weapon as your secondary. The FSS Hurricane should do the job nicely, with its high fire rate and impressive damage taking it to the top of our list of the best SMGs in Warzone 2. Of course, you could also try out the popular Lachmann Sub, which is Warzone 2's version of the MP5.

Best Lockwood Mk2 class setup: Perks and Equipment

A sniper in a ghillie suit aims off-screen in Warzone 2.0.

The Lockwood Mk2 is perfect for hitting enemies from far away when they least expect it, and the Scout perk package tailors perfectly to that playstyle. However, it also has some useful perks that'll give you the advantage as the circle shrinks and your enemies get closer, helping you stay versatile and ready to win every match.

Below, you'll find each of the perks included in the Scout perk package, along with the equipment that we'd recommend for this Lockwood Mk2 build:

  • Perk Package: Scout
  • Perk 1: Scavenger
  • Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Focus
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Lethal Equipment: C4
  • Tactical Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor

The Scout perk package includes Ghost, which is an incredibly powerful perk in Warzone 2. It helps you stay undetected when enemy UAVs pass overhead, ensuring that enemies struggle to find you while sniping from your vantage point. Focus also comes in handy there, as it extends the time that you can hold your breath while aiming down sights, giving you more time to line up the perfect shot.

As the circle shrinks, you'll be forced to pull out that secondary and get into close-quarters fights. As you burn through that SMG ammo, Scavenger will help you find plenty to top you back up, while also giving you an extra armor plate from each kill.

As you move around in these tighter environments, we'd recommend using the Heartbeat Sensor to scan for nearby enemies. If you find a group clustered together, toss a C4 into their hiding place to snag some easy kills. With the Strong Arm perk, you'll be able to throw that C4 further, and even see the exact trajecetory so that you can be confident that it'll land near your enemies.

That wraps up our guide on the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Warzone 2. For more powerful long-range weapons, take a look at our list of the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. To see how the Lockwood Mk2 compares to other weapons, check out our list of the best guns in Warzone 2, and also take a look at our Warzone 2 weapon stats page for some extra detail.

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