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Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

Dominate from a distance with the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

Looking for the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2? Marksman Rifles are lightweight and snappy, while offering excellent damage at range. That makes them perfect for sharpshooting in Warzone 2, but they aren't all equal. When going for long-range kills, you'll want to make every shot count, so we've tested each Marksman Rifle to work out which deserves a spot in your arsenal.

In this guide, we'll reveal which is the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2. You'll also find a full ranked list of every Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2, with information below explaining the advantages of each.

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Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

The best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2 is the SP-R 208. With the highest damage profile, accuracy, and recoil control in its class, this wasn't a particularly hard choice. The SP-R 208 feels perfect, allowing for easy headshots at longer ranges, while its snappier nature makes it more effective than even the best Sniper Rifles at medium-range.

Below, you can see our ranked list of the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2:

  1. SP-R 208
  2. Lockwood Mk2
  3. LM-S
  4. TAQ-M
  5. SA-B 50
  6. EBR-14

6. EBR-14

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the EBR-14.

The EBR-14 is a hard gun to recommend, failing to excel in any category. The LM-S fires faster, and many other Marksman Rifles deal more damage, which leaves the EBR-14 to feel rather lacking.

The EBR-14's best attribute is its semi-auto nature, allowing you to follow up fast with some extra shots to bag an easy kill on a moving enemy. That makes it a very forgiving beginner weapon, so those looking to practice their sharpshooting before moving into the big leagues should find it easy to use.

5. SA-B 50

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the SA-B 50.

The SA-B 50 feels startlingly similar to the SP-R 208, which sits in the top spot on this list. It even has a higher fire rate, along with better mobility and handling, making it feel a little more lightweight in action.

However, the SA-B 50 has a slightly weaker damage profile, and its recoil control is significantly lower than the SP-R 208. That makes it less precise at longer ranges, and much harder to quickly refocus for a second shot to kill a fully armoured enemy. With the SP-R 208 the clear winner between the two for sharpshooting in Al Mazrah, the SA-B 50 has little use in the current meta.

4. TAQ-M

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the TAQ-M.

Neither the TAQ-M nor the LM-S are strong enough to take the top two spots, so they've battled it out with each other instead. The TAQ-M loses that battle by a slim margin, despite having a better damage profile, and higher accuracy, ADS speed, and reload speed. That's because, while it might feel a bit snappier to wield, it also has a much slower fire rate. That gives the LM-S a faster TTK, making the TAQ-M the slower-firing and less forgiving option.

3. LM-S

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the LM-S.

Like the EBR-14, the LM-S is a semi-automatic Marksman Rifle that's perfect for quickly following up with an extra shot to kill your target. Their damage profiles are largely very similar, but the LM-S has a slightly higher fire rate. While it's only a small bump, it gives the LM-S a faster TTK that will make all the difference in Warzone 2. It's that same characteristic that bumps the LM-S over the TAQ-M, despite the TAQ-M dealing more damage per bullet.

2. Lockwood Mk2

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the Lockwood Mk2.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

The Lockwood Mk2 is a formidable force in the field, dealing huge damage that can drop enemies with just two hits at most distances. While it doesn't quite match the damage of the SP-R 208, it makes up for it with a faster fire rate. This makes the differences between the two almost negligible when trading shots, with the SP-R 208 just beating it at longer ranges. But, with the faster ADS speed and an extra bullet to fire before reloading, the Lockwood Mk2 certainly has its benefits, and is worth using when compared to most other Marksman Rifles on this list.

1. SP-R 208

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the SP-R 208.

The SP-R 208 deals incredible damage, while also feeling accurate and easy to control. While it might feel a little more sluggish compared to other Marksman Rifles, it's long-range capabilities are able to match that of a Sniper Rifle, more than making up for its slightly slower ADS speed. Rather than looking at the SP-R 208 as the slowest Marksman Rifle, think of it as the fastest Sniper. That should show you just how special this weapon is in the current Warzone 2 meta.

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That wraps up our guide on the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2. If you're looking for a faster close-medium range weapon that you can pair with any of these sharpshooting rifles, take a look at our lists of the best SMGs and best Assault Rifles in Warzone 2. We've also got loadouts for plenty of guns, with our guides on the best STB 556 loadout and best FSS Hurricane loadout in Warzone 2 making some of the top weapons even better.

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