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How to get loadouts in Warzone 2

Here's how to get your own custom loadout drop in Warzone 2

Wondering how to get loadouts in Warzone 2? Infinity Ward have made a fair few important changes between their original Battle Royale and the brand new Warzone 2, including the process of getting your hands on full custom loadouts in the middle of a match.

Primary weapons are available to purchase at Buy Stations, but you can't buy the rest of your loadout with it. So what's the point of customising your secondary weapon, equipment, and perks between games?

The answer is: you can get full loadouts in Warzone 2, and it's a very good idea to do so, because it'll give you the best chance of earning a victory royale. Below we'll walk you through how to get loadouts in Warzone 2, to clear up any confusion you might have on the matter.

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How to get a loadout drop in Warzone 2

To get a custom loadout in Warzone 2, you need to open a loadout drop. A loadout drop is a care package which appears at various times and under various circumstances in the middle of a match.

There are two ways to get a loadout drop in Warzone 2:

  • Wait for a loadout drop package to fall from the sky.
  • Secure an AI-controlled Stronghold by clearing it of enemies and disarming the bomb.

Loadout drops will fall from the sky at certain intervals throughout a match, so you could simply get lucky. These care packages are in high demand though, so be on the lookout for enemy players looking to get their own custom loadout from the drop.

The other method of earning a full custom loadout is via Strongholds. Three Strongholds will be marked on your map after the first circle closes in a match. These buildings are filled with AI-controlled enemies, making it a very different kind of threat from encountering random loadout drops that fall from the sky.

If you clear a Stronghold of enemies and disarm the bomb within, you'll be rewarded with a loadout drop and other high-tier loot. A UAV will also automatically activate around you, warning you of nearby enemy players while you loot.

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the Signal 50.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

How to get your primary weapon in Warzone 2

If you don't care about getting the full loadout drop in Warzone 2 and just want access to your primary weapon, that's much easier. You can purchase any of the primary weapons in your custom loadouts by visiting a Buy Station during a match.

Interact with a Buy Station and select the Primary Weapons option. All the weapons in the primary weapon slot of each of your custom loadouts will be listed, and you can purchase any of them (or more than one!) for $5,000 each.

That means if you have $10,000, you'll have enough to buy two primary weapons, which might be good enough for you to do without loadout drops and Strongholds. But if those perks are important enough to you, then a Buy Station won't be enough. You'll need to go out and get your hands on an actual loadout drop care package.

That's everything you need to know about loadout drops and how to get access to them in Warzone 2. If you're looking to set up some strong custom loadout drops now, then take a look at our guide on the best loadouts in Warzone 2. For a wider view of the current gun meta, consult our Warzone 2 best guns tier list, or our Warzone 2 weapon stats page.

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