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Move over Keanu, Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion is all about Idris Elba

He plays NUSA agent Solomon Reed

We got another glimpse at Cyberpunk 2077's paid Phantom Liberty expansion at The Game Awards tonight, revealing that Luther, Knuckles and Stringer Bell himself Idris Elba will be joining yer man Keanu in its starry cast. Come and see him in action in the reveal trailer below.

Elba plays veteran New United States Of America agent Solomon Reed, and is apparently the only person V can trust in this new expansion. As CDPR hinted at in Phantom Liberty's first official teaser trailer, the story is very much a "spy-thriller" compared to 2077 proper, and Reed will play a vital role in helping you complete your mission.

As well as introducing Solomon Reed to proceedings, the second official teaser trailer for Phantom Liberty also gives us an up close and personal look at Dogtown, a new area of Night City where you'll be cyberpunking for most of the expansion. In fairness, it looks like you'll still be shooting, slicing and driving into all sorts of goons for the duration, so whether it will look and feel substantially different to the base game remains to be seen.

Phantom Liberty still doesn't have a release date other than some time in 2023 at the moment, but as we reported just the other week, it will cost you real monies.

For more of the latest news and trailers, check out our Game Awards 2022 hub. We also live-blogged the show as it happened right here.

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