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Distract guards by flushing toilets in this free little Thief homage

Garrett would be proud

Cute, free little thief homage Li'l Taffer starts you off in front of a door to a big manor, along with five instances of an ability called 'knock'. Reader, I am telling you this so that you don't waste all of them pointlessly knocking on the door like I did, as you are in fact supposed to use them to knock out guards.

It's a procedurally generated game made for 7dfps 2022, a game jam that challenges folks to make an fps game in seven days. Your manor will be different to mine, but the toilets will probably still be silly.

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You've got to break into the manor, steal a crown and 200 gold's worth of coins, then get out of dodge. It's made using procgen, so the rooms fit together in odd yet endearing ways. There are lots of toilets in conspicuous locations, which are handy because you can flush them to draw guards over.

That said, there are two ways to play this. You could lean into it, which entails literally leaning around corners, sneaking around super careful like, extinguishing torches and paying close attention to how your footsteps make more noise on cobblestones than carpet. You could also just sprint about knocking guards out willy nilly like I did, because they're not very dangerous and the crystals that restore your knock-out ability are plentiful.

I respect anyone who commits to role-playing and pretending you do actually need to sneak. That's probably a much better way of rekindling warm Thief memories from back in the golden days, before even 27 year-old news writers could out themselves as still too young to share your nostalgia.

Someone asked creator David Lindsey on Twitter if there was anything in this he's especially proud of, and he said the hands. They are nice hands.

Look out for more from the 7dfps. Game jams are great at throwing up neat l'il things like this.

You can nab Li'l Taffer for free from Itch.io.

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