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Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 is free to keep right now

Grab ye olde grudge match over on Rebellion's storefront

UK publisher Rebellion is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of that, the company is giving away one of its most notable games – Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000. This is the updated version of Rebellion's best stab at AvP, which originally released in 1999, and was published by Fox Interactive.

You can grab the game by heading over to Rebellion's storefront, where the offer is displayed proudly on the front page. There is a minor catch. You have to sign up to Rebellion's newsletter, after which a Steam key for the game will be sent to you.

Being 23 years old, AvP is a little acid-damaged around the edges these days. The terrors of its Marine campaign have certainly diminished in the wake of Alien: Isolation. But it's still worth having in your Steam library for a couple of reasons. The three campaigns are all enjoyably different. The Xenomorph campaign is especially notable for its ambitious deployment of 3D space, with Rebellion using the Xenomorph's ability to scale walls and ceilings to create some truly dizzying 3D levels.

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It also features some nifty dismemberment tech for its time – the way aliens burst when you blast them with a minigun is still satisfying all these years on. Overall, Classic 2000 isn't as good as Monolith's AvP 2, which gave all three campaigns a much stronger narrative structure. But it's a darn sight better than Rebellion's mediocre follow-up, which launched in 2010.

There's no information on how long the giveaway will last, with Rebellion simply stating that it's a "limited time offer". If you do miss out, though, the game is also available for a measly 99 pennies on Steam, so don't feel too aggrieved.

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