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Disaster Band turns the Trombone Champ formula into a mini orchestra

Up to four players can slaughter the classics

Just as Tiktok riffed on Vine for a new generation, co-op rhythm game Disaster Band’s taken the bold spirit of Wii Music and turned it into a nail-biting way for up to four people to parp out the greatest hits of Edvard Grieg. There’s Steam Workshop support too, so you can always chuck in your own self-penned future hits to jam along with. Have a watch of the game’s trailer below, if you don’t overly value your ears.

Disaster Band knows that trying to play a violin with a mouse isn't going to go well.

Disaster Band lets you play along to its tunes with either mouse or gamepad. You can take on the selection of classical music in the game in a duo, trio, or quartet. There’s four instruments to do your best, or worst, with. I’m drawn to the violoncello, but you might prefer the flute, violin, or the always comical trombone. There’s global leaderboards if you’re a high-achiever, but you’re more likely to find me practising in Disaster Band’s rehearsal room.

This seems like an ideal Christmas game, although bear in mind it’s online multiplayer only. Just assign your granddad on trombone, nana on flute, little brother on cello, and rock that Straddie yourself. Disaster Band doesn’t quite have the polish of instant classic Trombone Champ, but watching some stick figures struggling through In The Hall Of The Mountain King has made me chuckle on the shortest, darkest day of the year. Mince pies all round.

Disaster Band is out on Steam for £6/$7/€7, but there’s currently 30% off. If you decide to form a quarter then just toot in my direction.

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