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The Witcher 3 romance: All romance options and endings explained

How to romance Triss, Yennefer, both, or others in The Witcher 3!

How do I romance every love interest in The Witcher 3? With the arrival of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's next-gen upgrade, you might be asking yourself how the sex scenes look now that they're beautifully lit with ray traced shadows and reflections. Wait... it's not just us, surely?

Witchers may be sterile, but they have needs just like anyone else. And who are we players to deprive Geralt of the most fulfilling romantic encounters available? Our Witcher 3 romance guide will walk you through the whos, whens, wheres, hows, and whys of wooing. From Yennefer to Triss, from Keira Metz to the Iron Maiden of Skellige, we'll show you all the steps to ensure a happy ending for all those involved.

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The Witcher 3 romance options

There are plenty of opportunities for romantic and/or sexual encounters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Broadly speaking, we can divide them into three categories: primary romances (Yennefer and Triss), secondary romances (all other named and significant characters), and tertiary romances (those who are being paid for it). Let's go over them one by one.

The Witcher 3 Yennefer romance

Yennefer romance and ending

Want to learn how to romance Yennefer in The Witcher 3 You're not alone. Fortunately, getting the raven-haired sorceress Yennefer to play with your lilac and gooseberries is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps for this particular mating ritual:

  1. Reach the main quest "The King is Dead - Long Live the King" (Skellige, level 16).
  2. Retrieve and equip the black and white Skellige attire from Yennefer's room before meeting with her.
  3. Proceed through the quest until you kill the Earth Elemental and the room starts filling with gas. When Yen asks you to think of something, choose the second option: "Damn, I wanna kiss you, Yen."
  4. After Yen teleports you both, pick the "Wouldn't mind watching..." option when she goes to repair her dress.
  5. Enjoy the ride.

There's another chance to have sex with Yennefer later on, provided you followed the above steps. Here's what to do:

  1. At the end of the secondary quest "The Last Wish" (Skellige, level 15), you must tell Yennefer that you love her.
  2. During the main quest "No Place Like Home" (Kaer Morhen, level 19), if you followed all above steps and had sex with Yennefer during the previous quest, you can accompany Yen to her room after dinner.
  3. Enjoy the ride.

As long as you avoid also romancing Triss (see below for this outcome), your story will end with Geralt and Yennefer retiring together in peace.

The Witcher 3 Triss romance

Triss romance and ending

Triss Merigold is the other major romance option available in The Witcher 3. So if you prefer her to Yen, here's how to go about wooing Triss:

  1. Begin the secondary quest "A Matter of Life and Death" (Novigrad, level 12). This quest becomes available after completing the main quest "Count Reuven's Treasure (Novigrad, level 12).
  2. At the masquerade, after Triss gets drunk, you will have a timed dialogue option to kiss her. Do so.
  3. After this, proceed through the secondary quest "Now or Never" (Novigrad, level 14), and - when Triss is about to leave Novigrad with the mages - you must choose the dialogue options "Stay with me", and then "I love you".
  4. Enjoy the ride.

Again, as long as you avoid also romancing Yennefer, following these steps will lead to an ending where Geralt and Triss move to Kovir and live happily ever after.

The Witcher 3 Yennefer and Triss romance

Yennefer and Triss romance and ending (doesn't end well)

You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you attempt to follow both paths outlined above, attempting to woo Yennefer and Triss without either of them knowing, then you will prompt a special (and ultimately disappointing) romantic ending.

This ending takes the form of the secondary quest "It Takes Three to Tango" (Novigrad, level 28), during which Triss and Yennefer approach Geralt and tell him that they want to share you. Things start well, with a bottle of wine, and both ladies in some rather arresting lingerie. But then some handcuffs are introduced into the equation, and things quickly go downhill, with the two women leaving Geralt tied to the bed in the Kingfisher Inn, to teach him a lesson.

After this, any conversation regarding romance with either of the two women will result in them telling you that ship has well and truly sailed. So unless the idea of Geralt in bondage does something for you (and, well... yeah), you'll want to steer clear of this outcome.

Other romances

For some reason, neither Triss nor Yennefer will mind you screwing every other woman on the Continent. Keira Metz? I don't care, she's not a threat. Jutta an Dimun? I would too if I were you. But Yennefer? or Triss? HOW COULD YOU?!

The point is, you can feel free to engage in a fling with any or all of the below, without it affecting your choice of primary romantic partner:

Keira Metz romance

Another sorceress? Count her in! Here's how to romance Keira Metz in The Witcher 3:

  1. Proceed through the various Keira-related quests (Hunting a Witch, Wandering in the Dark, An Invitation from Keira Metz, and A Towerful of Mice) until you receive the final quest, "Favor for a Friend" (Velen, level 6).
  2. During the candlelit dinner in the woods, and upon hearing those magical words "Friends with benefit", pick the dialogue option "Don't have to ask me twice".
  3. Find Keira after she disappears.
  4. Enjoy the ride.

Sasha/Cantarella romance

All you need to do to romance the so-called Sasha is to accept her proposition at the end of the "High Stakes" secondary quest (Novigrad, level 26). This involves either beating her at Gwent or agreeing to help her afterwards. Do this, and soon Geralt will be sporting a high stake of his own.

Jutta an Dimun romance

Another straightforward lass, Jutta - the so-called Iron Maiden - will invite you into her home, and shortly thereafter her bed, provided you can beat her in a fist fight in the quest "Iron Maiden" (Skellige, level 19).

Shani romance

Shani plays hard to get by only being available with the Hearts of Stone expansion. But if you've got access to the DLC — which you will by default if you're playing the Complete Edition — here's what to do:

  1. Reach the secondary quest "A Midnight Clear" (Novigrad, level 33). This will start after completing the quest "Dead Man's Party".
  2. When finding a gift to cheer Shani up, pick either the rowan branch (by the ladder) or the chamomile (by the pig pen) and bring it to her.
  3. Once you reach the tree with Shani, choose to kiss her.
  4. When asked whether to go back, instead pick the "Kiss sure didn't sate me" option.
  5. Enjoy the (boat)ride.

Sylvia/Syanna romance

Sylvia, or Syanna, is the final potential target of Geralt's affection, arriving with the Blood and Wine expansion, and you really don't have to remember much to romance her:

  1. Defeat the Cloud Giant at the end of the main quest "Beyond Hill and Dale..." in the DLC.
  2. When Syanna states that you could still be useful to her, respond with "Useful? How?".
  3. "[Let her have her way with you. ]"
  4. Enjoy the very strange ride.

Brothels: Crippled Kate's, The Passiflora, and The Belles Of Beauclair

And now for the tertiary romances, which take place exclusively inside the three aforementioned brothels. Again, you can feel free to spend as much coin as you like at these establishments, and none of the women above will think on it:

  • Crippled Kate's can be found in Novigrad. Look at Novigrad on the map. See how it looks kind of like some deep sea fish with a lantern on its head? Well Crippled Kate's is that fish's molar.
  • The Passiflora is also found in Novigrad - it's the very northmost building on the main island, right next to the bridge.
  • The Belles of Beauclair is found in Toussaint, in the dead centre of Beauclair, the capital city of Toussaint (near the centre of the map).

The Witcher 3 romance options

And there you have it! I guess it's time to go off and have lots of sex. But when that's all over and done with (I'm sure it won't take long), be sure to also check out our primers on the best Witcher 3 builds and best Witcher 3 armor and gear sets available in the game.

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