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Sci-fi adventure Sable is the latest Epic Games Store free game

Explore a futuristic world full of giant skeletons and levitating bikes

Sandy hoverbike-riding climb ‘em up Sable’s being given away for free on the Epic Games Store up until 4pm GMT on December 19th. That’s today, if you’ve not checked your advent calendar yet. This one’s got my attention because I’m a sucker for a fishing minigame, something Sable added in a free update just last month. It’s also a relatively peaceful game to add to your pile ahead of the beckoning wintertide break, thanks to the complete lack of combat. John Lennon would be chuffed.

Cover image for YouTube videoSable Nails The Whole Video Games Are Art Thing | My Fav Thing In... (Sable Review)
Sable's Moebius-inspired art is worth soaking up.

Sable is the latest in 15 days’ worth of freebies from the Epic Games Store over the festive holiday period. Each new game is a mystery, and only revealed after the previous day’s free game expires. The offer kicked off with tower defense game Bloons TD6 on December 15th, and runs through until December 29th. So far it’s been quite a mixed bag of genres, with Double Fine’s RPG Costume Quest 2 and arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo free over the weekend.

Alice Bee thought Shedworks’ sci-fi game was a beautiful adventure with great writing, but did get a bit frustrated with the available transport options in her Sable review. “Sable is a game that doesn't want to hold your hand,” she said. 'It gives you a hoverbike and an open skyline and says: "There you go. Do your Gliding, then.' But your bike is rubbish and the other tools you get to explore don't really help.”

Open-world exploration game Sable is free on the Epic Games Store until 4pm GMT/5pm CET/11am ET today. A new game pops up straight after.

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