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Sable's lonely jetbikes have been delayed into 2021

Wait a little longer.

There are few games I'm excited for more than Shedwork's gorgeous sand-speeder Sable, which is why it stings to report that it's once again been pushed back a year. First due in 2019, then 2020, the lonely Mobius-inspired desert romp will now (hopefully) release in 2021. As consolation, here are 30 more seconds of the upcoming comic-book adventure to gawk at longingly, courtesy of a stylish new trailer.

Sable is pretty as hell, sure. But it also appears to be a quiet trek across a warm, lonely desert - a well so tempting I can't help but keep drawing from it in my own work. But enough navel-gazing, here's Sable blowing my efforts out of the water with a new trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

We get a little narration here from Shedworks' Gregorios Kythreotis, lifting the veil on the mysterious venture. Sable is a nomad, and you'll be joined her on her "gliding" - a rite of passage that somehow involves picking through a whopping great desert littered with ancient temples, derelict ships, and cosy camps inhabited by her fellow nomads. While there are mysteries to unearth and puzzles to solve, Shedworks seem happy to let you ignore those and simply take in the wonders of their illustrated world.

One thing I hadn't noticed in previous trailers is the way Sable moves on foot, animated without blends to create a staggered, almost flip-book look. It's a delightful touch in a game already looking to French ligne claire artists like Moebius and Hergé, doubling down on the sensation of playing through a graphic novel.

Sable will now arrive in 2021. If you wanna keep track of its eventual release, you can wishlist it over on Steam right now. Until then, why not let Giada Zavarise guide you through a history of games inspired by Moebius?

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