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How to weaponise a roast turkey, and other Baldur's Gate 3 Christmas questions

A little Yule treat with Larian's Swen Vincke

Last week I spoke to Larian's founder and director Swen Vincke about the latest big update to Baldur's Gate 3, and the road to 1.0 release. But also it was December the 16th, so I saw fit to waste his time asking a bunch of fun seasonal questions that blended the love and goodwill of Baldur's Gate 3, with the companion-wrangling and clutch strategy of Christmas. D'you see what I did there?

My questions are in bold, and Vincke's answers are undeneath - and they are both amusing and instructive. I for one hope that Wyll's romcom visit home becomes a future winter DLC.

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What class and subclass would Santa be?
He said that he was a Paladin that had an Oath of Devotion. So who am I to disagree with Santa? He did tell us. But I personally think of him as a Rogue. I will put him down as a Rogue, Arcane Trickster

Who would be the best companion to get in Secret Santa and what would you get them as a Christmas present?
Oh my God. This is like a "your favourite companion" question, right? I have to deal with the writers of these companions, so can I get a pass on this?

Okay, maybe... who do you think would be the easiest to shop for?
[Long pause while he thinks very seriously about the question]
Astarion, of course. I'd just get him some innocent bystander. I just have to hope anybody would do - like, he's very easy, he's very open minded about who he feeds on, so there you go, it's fine.

I say again: this guy.

What ability from Baldur's Gate 3 do you think would be most useful on Christmas Day?
So definitely... Stability would definitely be! Constitution or, maybe Wisdom; choose which one you want to pick.

You are adding a whole roast turkey as a weapon into the game. How would you weaponise a turkey in Baldur's Gate 3, and what what effects would it have?
Well, I would obviously allow you to Animate Dead on it. That would be my go to schtick that I would start with... and I would probably give it the ability to bomb. We don't have carpet bombing yet. So we could have an undead flying turkey carpet bombing your enemies with, er, eggs that produce Stinking Cloud; I think that would be pretty cool.

Okay, this one is might be a hard one. Are you familiar with the kind of Christmas romcom stories that are, like, a high powered lawyer goes to her hometown and falls in love with like a country boy?

How would you set a Netflix style Christmas rom com in boulders gate three using the characters at your disposal?
[Extremely long pause; deep thought]
...Oh! Wyll - who is a Warlock in the game, and who has a pact with a Cambion named Mizora - returns to his hometown and meets the devil with whom he didn't pact...

This isn't Wyll's Cambion, I just want to illustrate that they're big ol' demons

... and so from there, obviously, the story goes forward...

Who would you like to have over for Christmas dinner from the game? Is that too close to a favourite companion question again?
I'm not going to name a companion right? So, baby Owlbear. That should be fun. Yeah, baby Owlbear. And we can go in the woods and like, we can go on a hike together. The baby Owlbear will be friendly and not attack anybody. So yeah, it's that.

As long as you've dealt with the mum Owlbear first, I guess.
Yeah, there's that problem, right? But I mean, baby Owlbear would have eaten the mum by then, because that's what it does if you leave it alone. It's actually what I wanted to show in my stream, but I ruined it!

Disclosure: Adam Smith used to work here and now he's the lead writer on BG3, but because he left he will only get coal in his stocking.

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