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Battlefield 2042 updates will continue in 2023 with season five confirmed

The return of classes, revised maps, a new specialist and more

EA Dice would like to remind you once again that they are "all-in" on Battlefield, and their latest evidence is laying out their plans for updating Battlefield 2042 in 2023. Those plans include reintroducing classes, the first details on season four and its new specialist, and the confirmation that there will be a season five.

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First up, update 3.1 later in December will bring a revised version of Manifest, one of 2042's maps, with "HQ flags closer to the action, a tighter playspace, improved visibility, cover and sightlines, and pathing between flags improved to allow for more focused attack and defense of them."

Update 3.2 will arrive early next year with a revised version of the map Breakaway, but also the reintroduction of classes. Previous Battlefield games let you drop into matches as assault, engineer, support or recon classes, for example, but Battlefield 2042 did away with the system in favour of unique specialist characters "inspired by" those classes. Update 3.2 doesn't get rid of specialists, but it places them within the old class system.

When season four launches, also early in 2023, it will add a new battle pass, new hardware, a new map, and a new specialist who will sit within the Recon class.

Finally, they say they're in pre-production on season five which will follow later in 2023. This season will have no new specialist, but will have the other items present in other seasons: a new battle pass, new hardware, and a new map.

Battlefield 2042 launched without several features people expect from the series, including voice comms and leaderboards, and had many bugs. EA Dice have done an admirable job since then in smoothing over issues and adding requested features.

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