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Battlefield 2042's adds close-combat spin on Conquest in its next event

The Liquidators look very dry

Battlefield 2042 is getting a new in-game event from October 11th until the 25th. Called The Liquidators Event, it adds a new mode focused on fast-paced, close-quarters combat featuring only infantry and no vehicles. You'll find a trailer and more details below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield 2042 | Season 2: The Liquidators Event Trailer

The Liquidators are a hit squad sent by the "Dark Market" to dissolve enemy squads and capture territory. They feature in a new mode called Tactical Conquest, in which squads will compete to capture and hold three flags. Squads win the round by depleting enemy tickets.

It's similar to Conquest, then, but where Battlefield normally focuses on scale and bombast, Tactical Conquest shrinks everything down. For a start, teams are smaller, with the first week featuring 8vs8 and the second week 16vs16. Maps are smaller, too, with matches taking place on constrained versions of existing maps Arica Harbour, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal and Stranded.

There will also be new skins to unlock for completing missions. You can read about those and find more screnshots over at the event's site.

Battlefield 2042 initially had grand plans for its seasonal content, but much of it was delayed while EA Dice focused on fixing bugs and adding missing features. Unfortunately they've also cut less popular 128-player modes, even though months later the Steam store page still advertises them.

Despite its rocky reception, EA have reiterated their commitment to the Battlefield series. Work has already begun on future Battlefield games, including a new campaign by a former co-creator of Halo at a brand new studio.

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