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Battlefield 2042 shoots onto Game Pass with a new map, specialist and nippy tank

Get murdered in the swedish wilderness

War never changes, but sometimes it arrives on a generous games subscription package. Battlefield 2042 is now available on Game Pass, along with a new map, specialist, weapons and Battle Pass gubbins for Season 3. Most folks seem to regard 2042 as a misstep compared to the triumph of Battlefield 1, but hey, Game Pass is a great way to check if they're right. You can't shoot railguns in the swedish wilderness back in WW1, can you now.

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The new map is called Operation Spearpoint, and it features "two fully automated megafactories and an untamed terrain". The map's very own trailer goes into more detail here, where a man runs through all the different capture points in his best subdued bombast voice. They're billing it as a close-quarters focused map, though it looks like most of the squabbling actually happens outdoors across a river and some nice-looking hillocks. I do like how you can get into one of those factories by switching off a big fan.

The new specialist, Rasheed Zain, comes packing a semi-automatic airburst launcher that's designed to flush enemies out of cover, as well as a passive that lets him recover health faster after taking down an enemy. He's got his own trailer too, look.

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The two new weapons are the Rorsch Mk-4, "which uses electromagnetic forces to launch projectiles at preposterous speeds", and the NVK-S22,a semi-automatic shotgun. The new EMKV90-TOR tank, meanwhile, lets you swap between a swift-moving mobility mode and a siege-mode that ups the damage from its turret. You can see them in action over on the update page.

I enjoyed hopping into 2042 back when it first launched, though it only took a few weeks for most of my pals to fall away from it - as opposed to the months we spent with Battlefield 1. It's not just us - two weeks ago ten times as many people were playing Battlefield 1 as were playing 2042.

If you do want a go on the newer one, you can now grab it on Game Pass. It's also currently 67% off on Steam, and thus nabbable for £16.50/$20/€20.

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