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Building cute villages and castles looks easy in this gentle indie game

Yes, you can pet the sheep in Tiny Glade

Many games make you think you're going to have a grand old time building a cute village, then they trick you into managing supply chains, or fighting raiders, or eating your pals to survive. Not the case with Tiny Glade, a lovely looking upcoming game where you really do just build dioramas of cute villages, castles, meadows, and ruins using friendly tools that help you make it look good. Check out the rural Townscaper vibes in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTiny Glade - Game Announcement Trailer

A bit like the wonderful Townscaper (a game which the devs cite as an influence), Tiny Glade is a game where you simply enjoy making a cute diorama. It similarly has toylike building tools where you drag out shapes and tug on bits, and the game interprets what those actually are at structures.

So a low line you drag might come out as a fence, but tugging it upwards will turn it into a wall. Drag a path through that wall and it'll grow an arch, or a really wide path will pop in pillars to support the pathway. And so on with towers and roofs and... it's all very cute. Lif comes to your creations too, so you might watch ivy grow up a tower or sheep wandering through your meadows. I really enjoyed Townscaper's feeling of creating a diorama in collaboration with the tools, and I'm excited for it here too.

I've posted Tiny Glade a few times before, picking up cute GIFs from Twitter for Screenshot Saturday Mondays, but it didn't have a name at the time. Now it does! It's also scooped millions of views on TikTok too.

No word yet on a release date, but Tiny Glade is coming via Steam for Windows, Linux, and Steam Deck.

In the FAQ, the devs they would like to look into supporting mods, "Most likely post-launch if there is a big demand for it." They're also considering a Mac release.

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