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Death Stranding 2 is official and has an adorable new BB Boy

Kojima Productions is back with more Sam and Fragile

Death Stranding is getting a sequel, folks, and the BB Boys are BACK, baybeeeee. Holy moly, I am so excited, I cannot even. And they're joined by honorary BB Girl Fragile, who seems to have both an actual child of her own to shepherd about, and... a BB Octopus? Come and help me decipher the reveal trailer for Death Stranding 2 below (and yes, the return of my BB Boys photo diary is 100% confirmed).

Cover image for YouTube videoDS2 - World Premiere Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Fragile is once again portrayed by Lea Seydoux, who appears to be caring for a newborn baby in the trailer - and not a BB baby in a jar, I might add, an actual human child (who also has an adorable set of wings sown into their onesie). Whether Fragile is the main character or not remains to be seen. While she occupied the bulk of the reveal trailer, we also saw a shot of a significantly older Norman Reedus, aka Sam Bridges, aka BB dad, although no sign of BB themselves (or maybe we did! I don't want to give away Death Stranding end game spoilers now).

Troy Baker is also confirmed to be returning to the cast, though, which likely means everyone's favourite bad guy Higgs is back causing trouble. Indeed, something black and oily and nasty was shown emerging from the original game's terrible gloop at the end of the reveal trailer - and it looked very mech-like. I mean, hey, I know it's not an actual Metal Gear -it's called Drawbridge in the trailer - but we can pretend, right?

Either way, I'm well excited for more BB Boys, and you can betcha bottom dollar I'll be resuming my BB Boys photo diaries when it eventually comes out. Here's hoping that's not too far away.

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