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The BB Boys Road Trip: Part I

On the road

It's been over two weeks since Kojima's mad courier sim Death Stranding came out on PC, but during that time I've only just about managed to make it across Lake Knot to the game's second big area.

It didn't help that, once I'd arrived at the big port town and finished showering its first boss monster with a torrent of poop grenades, I decided to go all the way back across its first bit of map to finish up some extra delivery quests. But a big part of why it's taken me so long to get to the other side of Lake Knot is that I can't stop taking pictures with Death Stranding's excellent photo mode.

Now, I'm not normally one for taking endless screenshots in games, but Death Stranding's photo mode is just too good to ignore. Indeed, I don't think I've been this obsessed with an in-game photo tool since Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, which let me change Lara's expression to all sorts of inappropriate grins and giggles as she puckered up for llamas and nuked hundreds of Trinity goons into next week. Death Stranding lets you morph Sam 'Norman Reedus' Bridge's face into all sorts of silly things, too, but the real icing on the cake is how you can change BB's expression as well. I thus present to you the fruits of my labour so far: part one of my road trip with BB. Click to enlarge and all that.

A screenshot of Death Stranding showing Sam Bridge making a heart shape with BB using the game's photo mode.
Day One: Hiked up the hill with my new pal BB to put my dead mum in the incinerator. We bonded, met some cool ghosts, and avoided another big nuclear explosion. Good times.
A screenshot from Death Stranding showing Sam Bridges bending over to look at some floating cryptobiote life forms.
On the way back I taught BB about cryptobiotes, which stop me from going anaemic if I gobble one up for my tea. BB giggled at their determined little faces. He's a good boy.
A screenshot of Sam Bridges doing a thumbs up sign outside a Bridges depot facility in Death Stranding.
Finally made it back to the depot in one piece. Rain let up, so took a picture with BB to celebrate.
A screenshot of Death Stranding with Sam and his BB looking chill in the game's photo mode.
Day Two: Boys on the road!
A screenshot of Sam Bridges leaning against a postbox in Death Stranding.
Built my first postbox today. Dead impressed.
A screenshot of Sam Bridges pulling a strained face with a smiling BB in Death Stranding.
Got pranked by BB just now. He did a really awful fart that I could smell through his jar. Or maybe he farted straight into my blood through the connector tube. Either way, it was gross.
A screenshot of Sam Bridges cradling his BB jar in tall grass.
BB's smile quickly turned to tears when we ran into some horrible MULEs after my packages. BB was scared, but I protected him by hiding in the tall grass until they moved on. No one messes with BB.
A screenshot of Sam Bridges jumping in mid-air on a mountain top as he looks down onto the valley below.
Raided a MULE postbox and found a camera with a cool ultrawide angle lens, so I thought I'd pinch it and try it out. It was a big climb up to the Waystation, so we celebrated in the only way we know how.
An ultrawide screenshot of Death Stranding's photo mode, showing Sam Bridges holding up his BB like Simba from The Lion King.
It's the Cirrrr-cle of Lifeeeeeeeee!
An ultrawide screenshot of Sam Bridges stretching on the ground in Death Stranding.
Day Three: Quite fond of this ultrawide camera, so decided to keep it. Gotta do our morning stretches before we set out, though.
An ultrawide screenshot of Sam Bridges posing with his arms raised high in Death Stranding.
Finally arrived at the port this afternoon after trekking through a very hilly bit of BT territory. It was tense, but we made it through unscathed.
An ultrawide screenshot of Sam Bridges looking smug with his arms out after a tense and dirty boss battle at the port in Death Stranding.
Moments later we got tackled by a big dirty BT meat monster, hence the extra grime. Thankfully, I'd done loads of number twos in the depot loo just beforehand, so we pelted that overgrown blob of tar with my literal human excrement and it scarpered pretty quick like. No one messes with the BB boys.

To be continued... in Part II!

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