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The BB Boys Road Trip: Part IX

The road to hell

After biffing countless MULEs, climbing goodness knows how many mountains and delivering literally thousands of packages, we're finally nearing the end of our Death Stranding BB Boys Road Trip. Sam and BB made it to the edge of the America last week, rounding out Part VIII of their road trip by doing a big dive bomb into the sea. Now, it's time to get our srs bsns faces on and go in to rescue Amelie from those nasty boys holding her prisoner in Edge Knot City.

So join us for this penultimate episode of our BB Boys Road Trip, where we do lots of fights, get real mucky and our friend Fragile hands us an honest to goodness real life metaphor. I'm not kidding. Naturally, we're in big spoiler territory now (and I mean really big spoilers - like, they're actually enormous), so please do proceed at your own risk. Onwards!

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