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GTFO is bringing back every campaign, continuing today with "cult classic" Rundown 2.0

Walk those spooky halls once more

Co-operative stealth horror shooter GTFO is returning to its roots, with today's re-launch of an old campaign wot people liked. You can now once again scurry around underground death mazes in Rundown 2.0 Infection, the first Rundown shakeup added by developers 10 Chambers after the game's March 2020 release. They plan to re-release all the others, too.

New Rundowns used to entirely replace GTFO's levels every few months, but nowadays each new set is here to stay. How nice of the awful mutant zombie horrors to stick around.

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Infection tasks prisoners with "retrieving a neonate Hydro Stasis Unit (HSU) and bringing it through a mysterious process involving various machines". You get peeks at the lore, too, with prisoners acquiring "hints of the state of the world outside the nightmarish undergrounds of GTFO".

Communications Director Robin Björkell mentions in the press release that this and other previous Rundowns are being brought back "in an alternative fashion with changes and improvements", so best stay on your toes.

He also mentions that since they've stopped deleting previous Rundowns, GTFO now boasts 26 levels and will have 80 by the time they're done re-adding all the old ones. They're not all radically different, I don't think, but it still sounds like a welcome prospect to me after biffing through the same Warhammer 40,000 Darktide levels again and again.

I didn't wind up playing much GTFO, despite enjoying my time with it in an early preview. It can be great at inducing the kind of gleeful collective panic aimed at by the likes of Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead and Darktide - though in the end I didn't have the patience for all the careful plodding and searching it calls for, too.

If you're not interested in underground skulking, have no fear - 10 Chambers are also working on a new co-op heist shooter, because creative director Ulf Andersson didn't get that out of his system with Payday.

You can buy GTFO for £35/$40/€40 on Steam.

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