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GTFO adds matchmaking and new difficulties in its latest update

As well as a freaky new enemy and a new weapon with which to kill it

Is the tense tactical zombo shooter GTFO too easy for you? Well, that shouldn't be a problem much longer, because today's update adds levels with multiple routes that can make it even harder. It's part of the new Rundown, Contact. Just like previous Rundowns, this is a big update that wipes away the old levels making way for some brand new ones - this time with a new enemy, as well as new weapons and new tools to help fight it.

Oh, and if you're bored of looking on LFG sites for pals to play with, GTFO finally has a matchmaking system, too.

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Developers 10 Chambers Collective say this new Rundown's expeditions will have different paths to choose from to complete the level, some of which will be considerably harder or slightly easier.

“Depending on what route you choose throughout some of the expeditions, you find it either very hard – or extremely hard. This will make it easier - or should I say less hard - for new players to take on GTFO, but at the same time gives our more seasoned community members a hardcore challenge right from the first expedition”, says creative director Ulf Andersson in a press release.

As for the matchmaking, that's very much in alpha for the moment. The devs have been reluctant to put a matchmaking system in because GTFO requires a hell of a lot of communication and coordination, something that isn't always easy with random players. It reminds me a bit of Destiny's raids, and how painful it can be to play those with people who don't have a mic. But they're putting it in to see how it goes, and will continue to develop it as they get player feedback.

With the last update, the devs revealed they'd brought on Adam Gascoine (of Doom and The Last Of Us fame), to help with the game's story. We'll be seeing a little more of what he's been working on with the team in this new Rundown, which will drop players into the Data Center of the big scary underground facility where GTFO takes place.

"I don’t want to spoil anything for our community, but let#s say that the Rundown is called 'Contact' for a reason," says game designer Simon Viklund.

Ooh, can I meet the creepy zombos? Have a little chat? To me, a Data Centre implies lotsa lore to be found, so you'll catch me at the terminals while my mates are getting hounded by alien creatures.

GTFO is currently in early access on Steam, and the Contact update is available right now. It's on sale right now too, with a 20% discount bringing it down to £24/€28/$28 until Thursday the 29th.

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