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GTFO's latest update has a terrifying new monster to die to

There are also new weapons to shoot the new scary things with

If there's one thing I really like about GTFO, it's how nerve-wracking it is trying to creep past the developers' freaky take on zombified people. It looks like it's about to get even scarier, too, because the latest update, The Vessel, is bringing a brand new enemy for us to try our best to avoid. It's also wiping away the old levels and bringing an entire new set for players to explore - to add to all the scariness, this new environment looks like it's inspired by Alien.

GTFO is an early access tactical FPS horror, where up to four players descend into some creepy creature-infested labs to grab items and info before attempting to escape. It's made by 10 Chambers Collective, a studio created by ex-Payday developers, and it's really very good.

Matt said last year that "it's the best way to panic as a group since Killing Floor." In my experience that certainly rings true, and it looks like we're in for even more panicking with the freaky new stuff in this update.

Take a look at what to expect in trailer below (if you're after a glimpse of the new monsters, I recommend skipping to just after the five-minute mark):

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As with the previous update, this one wipes away all the old Rundown (which is basically their name for the list of the game's levels), replacing it with an entirely new one for you to learn and complete.

Along with the new location and enemy, The Vessel is bringing in a little bit of story to GTFO, too, so players can get a better idea of what went on in the complex you're being dropped into. For this, the devs have brought on Adam Gascoine, who previously worked on Doom Eternal and The Last Of Us. A story amidst death and zombies? Yeah, he seems like the right person for the job.

On top of that there are some new weapons, and, according to the patch notes, "new surprises in-game that will most likely kill you." Such a sinister phrase to be written so casually. I'm both terrified and excited.

The Vessel update is out right now, and if you own GTFO you can download the update for free on Steam.

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