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GTFO got new enemies and missions with today's Infection update

Out with the old, in with the new

GTFO's big free Infection update is out today, bringing new maps, weapons, enemies and objectives to the tense tactical survival-horror shooter. It's brought a whole new Rundown with it too, wiping away the old one to make room for a bunch of new levels.

If you've not had the chance to play GTFO yet, it's a super tense co-op experience where you and four friends play as prisoners dropped into a mysterious underground complex. You have to be pretty stealthy and extremely coordinated to get to your objectives, because there are some very angry zombie-things that demolish you in hordes if you don't.

The most exciting thing for me with this early access update is the introduction of a bunch of new expeditions. There's a new map called Dig Site with 10 new levels to get sent down into, and they're all part of the new Rundown (which is essentially the list of all the levels you can select from to play). This actually does away with all the old Rundown completely, making everyone start at square one with the new levels.

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I like GTFO. It's difficult, it's tense and it's super punishing if you don't work as a team. It's not perfect, there are still a few kinks that need ironing out - in fact, Matt pretty perfectly summed up how I feel about the game back when he previewed it in December:

"It’s the kind of social panic I best remember from Killing Floor, a faster-paced, purely wave survival co-op shooter. One day, GTFO might hit the same highs – though its guns can’t quite compare to Killing Floor’s masterpieces. Its advantage, instead, lies in generating varied and interesting situations: stuffing hearts-into-mouths as you sneak past monsters, or figuring out routes and plans using those terminals. I’m a fan of any game where greed can get you killed."

"Looking at the statistics for the first Rundown, out of all prisoners sent down to the Complex, 7.6% came back alive," the developers said. I know I've certainly contributed to that score being so low. Hopefully those new weapons might help with that though, there's a machine pistol, a burst rifle and a new and improved machine gun to try out today.

We'll have to find out the hard way what these new enemies might be though, as the devs aren't giving anything away until we find them ourselves.

On top of that there are new objectives, some sort of community missions to help each other unlock levels, and a hell of a lot of changes and bug fixes you can check out in the patch notes here.

GTFO is available right now in early access on Steam, where it's currently on sale for £24/€28/$28.

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