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Here's nine minutes of GTFO to entice you to sign up for the alpha

Get to feel ouchies

A minute into this developer playthrough of GTFO, a co-op alien shooter full of dark corners, future tech, and flickering lights, and I’m sold. The little team of four opens a door and spots an alien scout inside. Then they close it and reconsider their options. A game about carefully avoiding conflict as a team and then making a democratic decision on how to proceed? Sign me up.

They resolve it by making alien jam with hammers, which I also fully support.

We are in comfortable territory here. GTFO has Ulf Andersson, formerly of the Payday team, leading the charge for 10 Chambers Collective, which means GTFO is about teamwork, planning, shooting, and then wondering WTF went wrong when you're all dead on the ground.

The developer squad crouch-walk through the Complex, as they hunt for a "Hydrostasis Unit". There’s no help, so the team have to work out where they need to go by accessing computers and reading signs. It shifts from coordinated takedowns of seemingly blind enemies to a panicked team running all directions, plonking down sentry guns, and dying heroically.

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I quite like that the game’s map lets you see your team’s stats, so you know old Geoff is running low on glowsticks, but that Geoff 2’s inventory is rammed with mines.

If you liked all that, there's going to be an alpha test over the Halloween weekend, from October 31st to November 2nd. You can sign up here and jump through their hoops to become an "ambassador".

The early access release of GTFO on Steam should happen in 2019.

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