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GTFO looks great terrific flipping 'orrible in new gameplay video

Co-op FPS monstermurders

"The atmosphere is pure Aliens, and the monsters are otherworldly and demonic," our Brendan said after playing GTFO at E3 in June. "One of them casts horrible scent tendrils out into the air. Others are lanky, pustule-covered giants."

He's got a vivid imagination, that boy, so I'd want to see the cooperative sci-fi FPS myself before- oh, wait, here's a nine-minute gameplay video for us all to watch and yup these sure are horrible fleshmen alright okay noted thanks thanks great lovely going to enjoy having those horrors lurking in my head tonight cheers.

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I think my favourite is the baddy whose head explodes in a shower of potatoes.

That video's swapping between perspectives of the four players sent down into a terrible underground sciencezone where the dust is thick and the humans are... mutated into terrible things? That's not clear yet. What is clear is that we're going in to retrieve artefacts, working as a squad to hack systems ("using the terminals, old-fashioned MS-DOS style computers that you have to type commands into, Duskers-style, to open doors and lockboxes for your mates in other parts of the cavern," Brendan explained) and murder the meatfolk - but hopefully avoid many of them if possible.

It definitely seems to have the idea that going in guns blazing will often end badly, prizing teamwork, caution, and wise use of different weapons and gadgets. I'm up for that. Even in these videos, the tension is mighty and terrible. And that from a video which didn't even met a screeching shadow or a proper big horde of the gits. I do hope that tension holds as monsties become familiar and playing becomes second nature.

GTFO is made by 10 Chambers Collective, a studio founded by Payday co-creator Ulf Andersson.

GTFO is due to launch some time later this year.

GTFO is a terrible name.

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