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There are now over 7000 "playable" games on Steam Deck

That's a lotta games

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Valve launched the Steam Deck Verified system to make it easy for folks to spot what games on their digital store would work with their handheld gaming PC. As we careen into the new year, there are now over 7000 games marked as "playable" or better on Steam Deck.

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Pulling the figures from SteamDB at the time of writing (as spotted by GamingOnLinux), there are 4419 games marked as "playable" and a further 2709 marked as "verififed". That's 7128 games in total.

For context, Steam Deck games are considered "playable" if they run and play fine on Steam Deck but with perhaps some caveats. You may, for example, need to fiddle with some graphics settings or download a custom control scheme or squint at some too-small fonts. Or, in my experience, they might just run fine with no apparent deficiencies. "Verified" games are better, and work as perfectly as the developer originally intended.

For a different context, Nintendo advertise the Switch as having "more than 5,000 games." I don't actually think these two devices are in meaningful competition with one another, and I love both, but it's indicative of just how rich Steam Deck could be if it was your only gaming platform.

New games go through the verification process near their launch, but Valve are also working through the back catalogue of older games, just as developers continue to update older games to work on the system. In December, verified games include new releases like Midnight Suns and High On Life, but also slightly older fare like Planet Zoo.

Of course, we have our own list of the best Steam Deck games.

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