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A Little To The Left is giving out free festive puzzles for Christmas

Santa Claws has six more messes for you to tidy up

I have a confession to make. I’m not really feeling very Christmassy yet. There’s only a week and a bit to go before the day itself, and I’ve got all my decorations up and everything. I just haven’t found that festive groove. Cat-wrangling puzzler A Little To The Left has something in its Christmas sack that might spur on some kind of festive awakening though. Between December 22nd and 27th, A Little To The Left’s putting aside its Daily Tidy Delivery mode of randomly generated individual challenges to offer six holiday-themed messes for you to make spick and/or span. Cheers, Max Inferno.

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A Little To The Left’s Holiday Event is free, but you’ll need to get cracking on those daily puzzles. Each one unlocks at midnight and vanishes at the same time the following day. I haven’t been made privy to any of the puzzles except for the gingerbread figure who’s been smashed to smithereens you can see above, but I’m definitely up for a spot of seasonal tidying over the Christmas hols. Just as long as it’s in a game and not real-life though, I have two kids so there’s already enough paper recycling to sort out after the frenzied Christmas morning whirlwind of unwrapping.

Rachel had a lot of fun with the game for her A Little To The Left review, appreciating how tactile all the tidying felt. “Putting pins in a pinboard has a satisfying push, placing cutlery in a draw has a brilliant rattle, and there’s even a bit in the game where you're just peeling those tiny sticker-labels off pieces of fruit,” she said. “It's not even a puzzle of any sort, but the satisfaction of each peel still feels just as good. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love peeling those off?“

A Little To The Left is on Steam for £13/$15/€15. You can find it on the iOS App Store and Nintendo Switch, too.

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