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SteelSeries' Arctis Nova 7 gaming headset is down to £104 after a 30% discount at Currys

The first big price cut on the new-style headset for PC, PS5, Switch and mobile.

Good news, everyone! SteelSeries' Arctis Nova 7 gaming headset is down to £104 after a 30% discount at Currys when you use code GAMING30 at checkout, marking the first major price drop for this recently-released and critically-acclaimed headset.

The Nova 7 is essentially the new design that debuted with the Arctis Nova and Arctis Nova Pro (fun fact - the headset that's around my neck right now!), sans the control boxes that provide easy volume adjustment, connection to two sources and convenient recharging for the wireless model. That means you instead get a simple USB-C dongle to insert into your PC (a full-size USB-A adapter is also included), but the headset also works on PS4, PS5, Switch and many mobile devices with a USB or USB-C port. It also means you have to recharge the battery manually via a USB-C cable, but this isn't the worst thing in the world by any means!

I've actually got the Nova 7 here and I'm quite impressed with it. The new design is comfortable, thanks to an excellently balanced headset and ski goggle style head band, sound quality is excellent and the built-in retractable mic works well enough. There's virtual surround sound if you're into that kind of thing, including a parametric EQ via SteelSeries' GG software. In terms of connectivity, you get both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, which can be active simultaneously if you want to, for example, be on a Discord call and a PS5 simultaneously, or answer a phone call while you're gaming on PC. Battery life is rated at 38 hours, which feels reasonable, and the whole device is well-considered and highly recommended from what I've seen so far.

At this reduced price of £104, I'd certainly suggest trying this out! Remember to use the GAMING30 code to get the reduced price, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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