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RPS is hibernating for the holidays, see you in 2023!

We're back on January 3rd

Merrrrry holidays, folks! The RPS Treehouse is now officially shutting up shop for the year as the team enters its annual hiberation phase. While we settle down into our mountain of games, sweet wrappers and warm blankets for a couple of weeks, we wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday and a general Festivus to all who celebrate. The site won't be completely silent during the break - we've got a couple of fun things planned for you over the next week and a bit - but we'll be back in full bright and early on Tuesday, January 3rd 2023.

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As is tradition at the RPS Treehouse, we'll be assailing you with our usual clutch of Christmas cracker jokes over the holidays, but we're also trying something new this year. Introducing, the RPS Selection Box, where the team will crack open their own personal highlight tubs from the year to celebrate the games they loved (also known as "hon. menchies" in this treat-based universe) that didn't make it into the Advent Calendar.

(Speaking of which, the final door of the RPS Advent Calendar opens tomorrow, on December 24th, revealing our ultimate game of the year. No spoilers, though - you'll have to come back tomorrow at 1pm GMT to find out what it is!)

We'll also be looking back at 2022 as a whole in our new Year In Review series, which we kicked off earlier this week with James' hardware retrospective. As well as taking stock of what actually happened in 2022, this series will also be gathering together some of our favourite, Bestest Best bits of work from the year as well, so you've got the cream of the RPS crop at your disposal all in one handy location. We'll be publishing the rest of these in the week between Christmas and New Year, so keep an eye out for them!

And finally, like last year, we'll be republishing one of our supporter posts every day so everyone can enjoy the mad nonsense we've been getting up to this year as part of the RPS Supporter Program. These will all appear in Latest next to the rest of our Christmas programming, but you'll also be able to find them (and more publicly available supporter posts) over in our From The Archive tag.

Otherwise, that's pretty much us done for the rest of 2022. We'll see you next year! Thanks again for reading, watching and listening, and we hope you have a restful, peaceful holiday season.

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