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Fallout Shelter Coming To PC & Shelter Construction Coming To Fallout 4

Gimme shelter

Fallout Shelter is the post-apocalyptic management game that Bethesda slid onto tablets and cleverphones last year. I haven't played it myself but know people who spend commutes and late nights in front of the telly tapping and swiping as they help their survivors to thrive. Or exploit them for kicks. The game is coming to PC in July and DLC for big momma Fallout 4 is coming thick and fast as well. Most notably, Vault-Tec, a build your own vault expansion, in July.

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Fallout Shelter will arrive on PC along with an update that adds quests and new enemies. You'll be able to send unfortunate vaultdwellers out into the world to retrieve things, kill things and help people.

The Vault-Tec expansion is coming the same month - July - and looks like it'll add some of Shelter's attractions to Fallout 4. The building interface doesn't look like it's changed a great deal but you'll be able to build your very own vault and either keep people safe there or experiment on them. The clips shown suggest raiders will attack from time to time, as raiders are wont to do.

Before that there's another construction-related DLC pack in the form of Contraptions, which caters to those who enjoy building daft things. People will probably find ways to make practical use of the included conveyor belts and other bits and pieces, but I just want to see Rube Goldberg machines with no utility whatsoever. Make a complex series of pulleys and tracks that feeds Dogmeat his dinner and I'll gladly subscribe to your YouTube channel.

August's release adds a new area, Nuka World. A post-apocalyptic beverage-based theme park.

I'm far from being Fallout 4's biggest fan but I do like to see peoples' constructions, even if I'm unlikely to ever make anything of my own.

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