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Razer Starting Mysterious Pro-PC Campaign

Throughout the late 90s and most of the following decade there was the tedious refrain, "Adventure games are dead." Which of course meant every single time an adventure game came out there had to be the opposing, "Adventure games are not dead." Or more usually, "Reports of adventure gaming's death are much ex..." and every variant thereof. I'm as guilty as it of anyone. Unfortunately, the same mantra has become incredibly commonplace of late to needlessly defend PC gaming. PC gaming hasn't shown any significant decline in popularity - rather console gaming have become an enormous, mainstream phenomenon. So the efforts to defend PC gaming end up mostly serving to consolidate the myth that there was ever a problem in the first place. So with that said, Razer - the PC peripheral maker - have launched some sort of teaser campaign to prove that PC gaming is not dead.

It's quite fun that they describe participation in console gaming as "Silent, obedient consent." There's truth to that.

The arguments made, when not denying that a vibrant, energetic platform is dead, verge on interesting. That consoles are closed, proprietary formats, while the PC is an open platform with so much more potential. True, but a shame to have conflated this point with denials of death.

Anyhoo, there's a countdown clock which expires on the 26th August at 4pm. That's the day Deus Ex: Human Revolution is released in the UK, but that comes out on Steam at midnight, 16 hours earlier. So it seems unlikely to be related. So who knows then. We shall find out on Friday.

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