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Chivalfree: Chivalry Gets Free Weekend On Steam

Chivalry's not dead. Actually, it's doing very well, I have heard. Adam had quite the time with it at launch, and Torn Banner's promised so many free updates that, eventually, I imagine we'll see medieval knights obtain trusty steeds, and then trade those steeds for rideable rockets. So yes, it's probably about time you give it a go. But how? I bet it's impossible. You should probably just give up. No wait! My mistake. It's actually the easiest thing ever. Chivalry's free on Steam this weekend, you see, so the ancient art of horrifically violent trash can battling is just a download away.

As per usual with these things, a full purchase of Chivalry's also 50 percent off for the duration of the event. Meanwhile, Torn Banner's claiming that a colossal content update's right around the corner, so that's as good of a reason as any to corral a bunch of new players.

So then, what ingredients is Torn Banner about to drop into its chunky, meaty battlefield stew? Well, new modes like duel and capture the flag are leading the charge, while multiple new maps and weapons - including the subtle, elegant stylings of the polehammer (it's a pole and a hammer!) and flail - are bringing up the rear. Also, there's a volcano! Those make everything better. Except, um, Pompeii. And some other places. But anyway.

The free weekend's already started, so you can suit up and join the fray whenever you please. Regrettably, I still haven't played it in spite of my apparent affinity for these sorts of things, so I should probably do that already. But, if I do, will I encounter you amidst all the chaos? Will our gazes intertwine like dancers - inextricable until the bitter, bloody end? Or do you plan on doing something silly like going outside this weekend?

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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