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Chivalry 2 getting back to old-fashioned fisticuffs

I say thee neigh!

The first-person melee murders of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will resume next year in Chivalry 2, a sequel announced today by developers Torn Banner Studios. After dabbling in magic with Mirage: Arcane Warfare, which flopped pretty hard, Torn Banner are returning to good, old-fashioned whacking folks in the face with pointy metal. Out with the magic carpets and in with horses. Fewer fireballs, more facestabs. Have a peek in the trailer below.

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"We have fixed the issues of the first game by redesigning our combat, animation and movement systems from the ground up and the result is a deeply satisfying and weighty physicality to every interaction," Torn Banner president Steve Piggott claimed in today's announcement. "With an expanded combat moveset allowing for far greater player creativity, a re-imagining of our Team Objective game mode at scale and a focus on AAA level polish and visuals, Chivalry 2 is set to become the first true advancement in the genre."

Also, it has some silly mutilation jokes.

Chivalry 2 is coming to the Epic Games Store in 2020, published by Tripwire Interactive.

As is customary for mid-tier PC games these days, Epic Games have paid for it to launch as a timed exclusive on their store. It'll hit other stores after that year of exclusivity ends. I'm sure Epic's cash helps fund a game that might seem a risky prospect after the failure of Mirage, though I do wonder how much that's offset by folks who intentionally avoid Epic's store. Mordhau is huge on the first-person stabbing scene right now too, which could help grow Chivalry's audience or lock it up. But why am I writing games industry fanfic.

See Chivalry 2's website for more information.

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