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Medieval battler Chivalry 2 charges onto Steam with mounted horseback combat

Brace yourselves for the Tenosian Invasion

Multiplayer medieval battle sim Chivalry 2 has galloped onto Valve’s storefront at last, with the Steam version including all updates already released on other plaftorms. The arrival coincides with what publishers Tripwire Interactive are calling Chivalry 2’s largest and “most ambitious” update since the game’s launch, dubbed the Tenosian Invasion. Close your visor and raise your sword, ready for the trailer below.

Chivalry 2 now has fighting from atop horseys. Giddy up.Watch on YouTube

What the Tenosian Invasion amounts to is a new faction: the Tenosians, obvs. There are four fresh team objectives and team deathmatch maps in total, too. The update also brings combat on horseback to the game for the first time, and you can now play against console-owners. Chivalry 2 placed on RPS’s favourite games of 2021 round-up, thanks in part to the ability to have your mates catapult you behind enemy lines. You’ve got to respect that.

In his Chivalry 2 review, Brendan (RPS in Peace) felt it really had a sense of humour and called it a “daft bloodbath”. “You can stick your hand in a well and find a fish to lob,” he said. “You can pick dung off the floor and chuck that. An enemy knight once doinked me with a roast chicken. I cannot fault his valour.” Rick Lane interviewed developers from Chivalry 2’s Torn Banner Studios for RPS recently too, and it’s worth a read to find out more about what they have planned for the game.

Chivalry 2 is on Steam for £36/$40/€36, and has a 40% off discount for now. The Tenosian Invasion update is out now on PC, as well as Xboxes and PlayStations.

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