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Chivalry 2 is free to play from now until Sunday

With an update being revealed at the Game Awards tonight

Chivalry 2 is having a day. The cut and thrust multiplayer game will reveal a new update tonight at The Game Awards, the game is currently 33% off to buy, and it's free to play for the duration of the weekend.

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From now until Sunday at 11:59pm PT/Monday at 7:59pm am GMT you can play the full game for free via the Epic Games Store. It should show up as already being in your library, allowing you to start downloading it. If you decide you want to keep it, it's 33% off from now until 4pm PT/midnight GMT on Sunday. That makes it £24.11/$33ish.

The medieval battlefields of Chivalry 2 have already featured in this year's advent calendar, appearing behind door number one. Its more forgiving swordfights have replaced Mordhau in his affections:

Of course, I am here to master fancy swordplay, and combat I initially dismissed as overly forgiving compared to Mordhau turns out to have its advantages. Chivalry 2's health pools are vast, blocking is near infinite, and everyone moves just a touch slower. That means you get fewer jaw-dropping rampages where a single combatant slays everyone around them with a few well judged strikes, but it also means everyone - squires and hulking knights alike - gets to stay alive a lot longer. The slower pace actually extends those electrically overwhelming moments where you’re surrounded, flitting between foes like Zorro on musketeer catnip, somehow clinging on to life. The highs aren’t as high, but they come more often and last longer when they do.

If you fancy some swash and buckle this weekend, or some mud and chop, head over to its Epic store page.

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