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Mirage: Arcane Warfare due in May, Chivalry free today

Free as in blood

Take the first-person multiplayer melee murders of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, sprinkle on some wizards, and shamwow! you've got Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site]. The magical follow-up will launch on May 23rd, developers Torn Banner announced today.

"I know what wizards are but what's this Chivalry you're on about?" you ask. "Swabbing puddles with cloaks and holding doors open for horses and...? Is this a game?"

Well, chummo, you can see for yourself as Chivalry will briefly be given away free for keepsies, starting later today.

First up, hey, here's a new trailer explaining how Mirage works:

Watch on YouTube

Yeah, that looks fun. The speed and powers of some characters make it look quite different to Chivalry but Chivalry already exists so that's great.

Speaking of! Torn Banner will give Chivalry away free. If you grab it today or tomorrow on Steam, you'll get it for keepsies. That doesn't seem to be live just yet so check back this evening. Steam often does its business around 6pm (UK time) so perhaps have a peek after dinner. If it'll help you remember to check Steam, try seeing your brussel sprouts as severed heads rolling around your plate, your chips as lopped-off arms, and your red wine jus as congealing blood. I assume that's what you eat.

Today also sees the start of a new closed beta phase for Arcane. We'll be giving away some keys to that on Wednesday. If it'll help you remember to check RPS, try thinking of Wednesday as Woden's Day and remember Odin pierced with his spear on Yggdrasil.

These memory-enhancing techniques and more can be found in Now You're Thinking With Guts!, my new mindhack book.

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