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Quickstarter: Wildman Gets First Gameplay Footage

Chris Taylor can talk. I know, for I have witnessed it. Wild-eyed, he spoke of grandiose plans for both games and operating systems, then (perhaps somewhat paradoxically) explained why he no longer believes bigger means better. As ever with Kickstarters, though, the question of whether or not he can back up his Supreme-Commander-sized words remains. Fortunately, while Wildman's still quite early in development, Gas Powered Games does, in fact, have its dinoman-walloping opus up and running. Watch the tiny titan mince his foes into tinier giblets after the break.

Watch on YouTube

Yep, that's some hacking and slashing alright. It seems decently heavy-hitting, though, and the art style - while rough - appears functionally Torchlight-ish, if somewhat drab. That said, both the concept art and the concept underlying it seem quite imaginative, so here's hoping the game pops a bit more once it's fully realized.

If nothing else, however, it was nice to hear Taylor promise some of his trademark scale for Wildman's RTS side. Right now, the skirmishes look like they could fit on the underside of one Supreme Commander 'bot's boot, but apparently that'll change quite a lot with time. Meanwhile, an accompanying post confirmed that there won't be any DRM, and separate online and offline modes will be fully supported.

"Wildman will have an offline and online mode. We’re focusing our initial efforts on the offline version. The offline version will not require an Internet connection to play. It will also support all mods. We may allow offline characters in private co-op, but that’s TBD. The online version will feature a character vault that allows you to easily move the same character between machines, and will be more secure. It will be the version used in public co-op multiplayer, and will allow limited 'approved' mods."

Honestly, though, anything can happen. I mean, as of now, Wildman's not even funded - nor is it particularly close to clubbing open the Internet's collective piggy bank and feasting on the monetary pork chops within. At nearly $200,000, it's not off to a bad start by any means, but it looks like this is going to be an uphill climb to $1,100,000 - not a marathon sprint. Still though, Wildman's already showing footage and engaging with its community, so its Kickstarter effort is fairly strong. That's commendable, but the question remains: is the game behind it interesting enough to warrant that level of support?

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