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Rebellion's Evil Genius Online In Open Beta... Again?

Evil embraces F2P

I'm getting the strangest feeling of deja vu. Rebellion - developers behind the mediocre Alien Vs Predator reboot, and the abysmal Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Something nonsense - recently announced a Facebook version of Evil Genius, now in open beta. Um, it's not 2010, right? This already happened. As Alec reported three years ago, a game was up on Facebook and there to play. The link's dead now, but it happened. We're not mad. It happened. Now everyone else, including Rebellion, seems to have forgotten this, it's happening all over again.

It's just bewildering as I look around at every other coverage of this story, with this new game described as the first follow-up to 2004's Evil Genius from Bullfrog spin-off Elixir. But? Huh? Oh, who cares.

The game's not only on Facebook, but Zynga.com too. So there you are. And you can join the beta right now, to see if the (new) socialisation of the baddie base sim. A game that has you doing housework - literal housework - within the opening minute.

I'm not quite sure how the in-app purchases are going to work, but I'm pretty sure that an option to "buy gold" shouldn't then tell you that it's giving you the gold for free if you pay.

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