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Evil Genius 2: World Domination plots a March 30th release date

Take over the world in this twisted strategy game

As evil plans go, waiting 17 years between making a game and releasing the sequel is a pretty good one. Rebellion are finally releasing Evil Genius 2: World Domination this year, aiming their launch nukes squarely at March 30th. I’ve started my countdown timer to prepare us all. Just 5,215,571 seconds seconds to go before we're all doomed.

The trailer below shows a breezy and silly supervillain sim where you’ll scoop rooms out of mountains, train minions, and turn science on its head. The goal, as the title boldly claims, is world domination.

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As daft as it is, there does seem to be complex bases to create. Hollowed out islands thrumming with generators, crawling with henchmen and evil sushi chefs. Being an EG seems like a tough, all-consuming job from the look of it, and you have to deal with the do-gooders trying to make you pay for your crimes. If your base isn’t rammed with secret sharks, you’re in trouble. Get sharks. Lots of them.

There are four campaigns, each with a different big bad in charge of the scheming. Bases can be built on one of three islands, across multiple floors, and filled with bizarre security devices like man-eating venus fly traps.

All those henchmen you’ve been training can be sent out on missions to steal riches as well and, err... the final living dodo. Each mission is a step on your grand plan to slowly overwhelm the world, readying it for your rightful ascension on March 30th.

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