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Evil Genius 2 adds Team Fortress 2's Pyro

I fear no man, but that thing... it scares me

I've played a bit of Evil Genius 2 and found that once you start a fire, they're not particularly easy to put out. Now you can have Team Fortress 2's Pyro as a henchman, so it seems that little conundrum won't be improving. Rebellion have added the blazing maniac as part of a free DLC to their wicked lair-managing sim. At the same time, they've also added a new paid DLC, which introduces another henchman: Doomhilda, a valkyrie with a rather destructive voice.

As a henchman, Pyro can ignite an area around him causing fiery havoc, as well as extinguish fires with a puff of compressed air. He also brings some new side story missions that seem to revolve around picking sides between a red team and a blue team.

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The new paid DLC pack, Rise Of The Valkyrie, adds Doomhilda, an opera-singing viking lady who can use her voice to stop enemies or inspire allies. She'll also have some accompanying side quests.

In his Evil Genius 2 review, Brendy reckoned the game's campaign was a little janky when it came to economy, and the true fun is found in its sandbox mode.

"It feels like a soothing ointment after going through the bee gauntlet of normal mode, and although it lacks challenge, questy threads and basic storytelling, it is far more playful, cheeky and enjoyable," he writes. "If you're picking this up, that's where to go. It might feel like cheating to give yourself infinite cash, but isn't that what an Evil Genius would do?"

You can grab Evil Genius 2 and its DLCs over on Steam. The Pyro pack is free, while the Rise Of The Valkyrie pack will cost you £4/€5/5.

Now, in a post mentioning TF2's Pyro, it would be remiss of me not to remind everyone about this video:

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