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Norsey Weekend: War Of The Vikings Free Weekend

Beard Here Now

What are you doing this weekend, readers? That's just a general question you should feel free to answer in the comments, btw. I like hearing about your plans. If you feel the need to acquire something to do, then you might want to think about dropping into War Of The Vikings. Fatshark's beard-and-beating sim is still a Steam Early Access title, but they've decided to allow people pile-in this weekend: it'll be all yours to try from Dec 5th to December 8th.

I've had the game on my PC for a number of months, but I've yet to dip into the world of beard customisation and javelin tossing. And this weekend is stacked to the gills with SECRET FUN, so I'm out. Which is a shame because I kind of liked War Of The Roses: the slow-paced sword-clashes and long-bow tussles was a relaxing diversion from the pain and suffering of the real world. And you could wear a helmet with a badger on it. I'll admit I didn't play it every evening, but I did enjoy myself when I did. It might be because one of the game's battlegrounds is only a short bus-ride from where I'm typing these very words.

So I'm missing what'll probably be the busiest time to play it. If you care about looking good, the flood of newbies will probably make you look amazing.

The full game is out in 2014.

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