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Logic Noir: Ir/rational Investigator

Tom Jubert, game writer on projects like FTL, Penumbra, Driver: San Francisco and many others, has previously impressed us with his self-developed Ir/rational games. Formed from his love of philosophy, and a desire to spread the concepts of clear thinking, the logical deduction game mixes straight thinking with smart writing, and just enough humour. The good news is there's to be a sequel, Ir/rational Investigator, heading to PC if only it can be rescued from the needless wasteland of the awful Greenlight.

I had a quick go of an early build at GDC last week, and can confirm that the same pattern of logical deduction is in place, this time told as a private investigator in a noir city. Introducing value judgements into the pragmatic mix, and a far freer setting, it's shaping up to be a very interesting implementation of the concept. And it's far better presented too, using a notebook device for exploring the logical reasoning, rather than the slightly more obscure dropdown menus of the previous incarnation. Here's a trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

You can play Ir/rational Redux for free, here, and we've always recommended that you ought. The sequel will be out on PC so long as it can get greenlit. But will definitely be on iOS. (So yes indeed, Valve really have created an environment more unfriendly to indies than fucking Apple.)

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