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Consortium Wins Its Space Race On Kickstarter

What would happen if you popped a party popper in space? That is the question that Interdimensional Games will have to tweet at Commander Hadfield, because their impressive space RPG Consortium has just achieved warp speed (was funded) on Kickstarter. The Source Engine game of space intrigue on a fully-realised space ship should be arriving in July of this year, ahead of all the other space games that are coming out. In celebration, they've released a video showing the visual history of the game, and I have placed it on the other side of this event horizon.

Consortium tickled Adam in all the right places (mid-torso, on the left or right) when he wandered its decks and halls not all that long ago. It's one of those rare Kickstarters that will have a short hop between being funded and being released. Those are all too rare. Here's the celebratory video that tracks the development, all the way from mod to something more ship shape.

Cover image for YouTube video

It turns out there are a few videos of the game in action that we've yet to publish. I'm loading the torpedo shaft with a volley of them right now. Pewwwww! Here's a look at the game's diplomacy in action.

Cover image for YouTube video

Zaaaaap! And here's how they managed to cut their animation budget, by making all the characters telepathic.

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And here's a bonus video of the Psygnosis space station sim, Sentient. It got a whopping 6/10 in Official Playstation Magazine, which was where my first job in games writing was. Do I have some stories about that place, let me tell you! Ah, my lawyers are doing that throat-cut hand movement. Fine! I'll just show the video. You'll see why I'm dropping it in here when you watch it.

Cover image for YouTube video

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