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A Gaming Miasma: Plazma Being

You need a new puzzle platformer to fill four hours of your life. I have one. This is synergy. High fives in an orderly queue. Plazma Being is the terrible name for a deceptively tricky little puzzler from first-time dev, Felix Wunderlich. (Also, coincidentally, winner of Today's Best Name.) You, as you may have guessed, play a blob of plasma. What you might not have intuited is that you're captured by aliens, cast on a planet with an unfamiliar force called "gravity", and trying to find your way out of there.

Your blob, called Zeb, has the ability to telekinetically (or probably a word more to do with physics) move objects within a radius of his current position, letting you build pathways, flick switches, deflect laser beams, and all the like. Later you can "possess" objects too - you know - it's a puzzle platformer.

But what stands out here is that it's smart. For a first time project, it's impressively smart. And almost immediately very tricky. Made using LÖVE, a free software framework for Lua, it's inevitably on Greenlight. But you can already buy it from Desura for just £1.50, or £3 on IndieCity, and £3 directly from Wunderlich.

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