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Dyad Out April 24th, Child Blamed For Delay

Whenever a game misses its release date, or pushes the date back before reaching it, the lead developer should make a webcam video explaining why the original date was incorrect. Most of the time they'd probably just hold their hands up and say the corporate machine had flicked through a calendar, stabbing at the pages with its platinum proboscis until the perforations delineated a suitable launch window. Shawn McGrath, creator of Dyad, popped on his best beard and took to YouTube, where he admitted to lying about the March release and then talked about the difficulties of caring for a newborn. "Here's how stupid kids are...", he explains.

The new release date is the 24th of this month, which is extremely close indeed. I remember waiting for Daggerfall's release, back in the days before the internet told me everything all of the time whether I wanted it to or not. I'd traipse down to the local Electronics Boutique every Friday after school and look at a cardboard stand of a lich king. The game was never there but every week, the white board behind the counter had just been updated to say 'next week'. I think that cycle went on for at least two months. It might have been several years.

Imagine how much better the experience would have been if one of the designers of the game had met me there every Friday.

"Hey. Yeah, sorry, we're going to have to disappoint you again. I'm going to be honest, kiddo, I've just been totally exhausted this week. Can't motivate myself. I'll see how next week pans out and hopefully, ha, hopefully things will be better. Man, it's tough, you know? Being an adult. One day you'll realise. People expect so much and in your head, you just want to say to them - I'm still basically a child and all of this sometimes seems a bit too much for me to handle."

"So next week then?"

"Yeah. Right."

Who's looking forward to playing Dyad? Who has already played it on the PreviousStation? It sure does look colourful.

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