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Co-Op Spooks: F.THREE.A.R Footage

Some F.E.A... FEAR 3 footage has appeared, showing the peculiar contrast of the two co-operatively playable characters. One expertly shoots with guns, the other seems to be sucking out souls and casting magics. Which is an unquestionably new approach to the spook-em-up series, this time in the hands of Day 1 Studios, rather than previous developers Monolith. You can see the video below.

A quick tip to publishers: Don't immediately precede your in-game footage with filmed real-world cinematics. We're extremely good at suspending our disbelief and enjoying games despite their shiny-faced unreality, but you make it an awful lot harder when you deliberately point out how far short graphics still fall. Anyway, the point being, there is eventually (after what seems like about an hour of corporate logos, and the Carpenter-influenced movie gubbins) some in-game footage to be seen here. Although it's all deeply confusingly presented, insisting on endlessly flashing in images of grumpy Alma because that's the sort of thing you should do in a horror trailer probably isn't it etc.

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